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Karen Baldwin enjoys telling and writing mystical stories. Her love of all things supernatural began as a child when she often heard both bible and ghost stories around the dinner table. This dichotic mix fueled her imagination about the age-old battle between good and evil. At the age of eleven, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, she began writing haunting poetry.


When she was a teenager, her father brought home an antique book that contained spells and incantations. Soon after, the family began experiencing many unexplained happenings and her father burned the book. But as the flames rose from the fire pit, so did Karen’s imagination, and she began writing short stories and novels.


Karen was born in Brooklyn, NY. She moved with her parents to Ohio as a teen, where she later married and raised her two children. She now calls the tropics of Mexico home where local Mayas share their tales of jungle spirits, and jaguars the roam the


Currently, Karen is writing her second novel about Navajo spirits of New Mexico, and a sequel to AZAEL’S LOT.


Karen is also an award-winning copywriter for film, TV/radio, and print.

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