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#1 That "Thing"

The first time that 'thing' made its presence known to me was seven years ago when I went on a tour with four women to the Kingdom of Bhutan, or as I like to call it Boo-tan, and I'll explain later. Travel is limited and regulated making sure the country is not overwhelmed by mass tourism thus altering its character. Buddhism is the main religion. I felt honored to be invited there.

Ah, Bhutan – where the gross national product is happiness—is located between India, Tibet, and Nepal with the majestic Himalayans as its backdrop…

…and a pristine countryside with clear rivers flowing like veins coursing from the country's spiritual heart.


While I will always have these beautiful scenic memories to revisit, the "thing" that came into my bed one night is not a memory. It still visits me. To be continued. . .


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