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#2 The Outrageous Monk

The first days in Bhutan were filled visiting many festivals, like the Black Crane festival.

Black Crane festival

Also palaces, and temples like Chimi Lhakhang honoring Drukpa Kunley affectionately known as the Divine Madman, an outrageous Buddhist monk.

Back in the 1400's, he made it his mission to show another aspect of Buddhism by drinking, sleeping with beautiful women, and knocking away demons with a penis carved out of wood and ivory.

His penis/weapon/magic wand, or whatever it was, made a lasting impression throughout the centuries resulting in images, statues and carvings of penises still seen everywhere in the town.

There's also a waterfall, and a large wooden one that you can hug. That's Chadau our tour guide hugging it.

Chadau our tour guide

All are considered good luck, especially for fertility. The 'thing' hadn't visited me yet but would soon. More to come…

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