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#4 The Eyes Have It

The glaring "eyes" at Thimphu Chorten had a profound effect on me.

I ran outside to the balcony to get some fresh air and to distract me, I focused on the worshipers below. Round and round they went. I felt my head swim.

Chadau, our tour guide, saw me and came up to me and asked if I was OK. Did I dare tell him what happened? What would he think of me? A crazy, hysterical American tourist? After his gentle persuasion, and my sensing that he had a sincere interest in my well-being, I explained what had just happened inside the stupa. "Don't be afraid, he said "This temple has a lot of power and spiritual energies. I've heard about a few others who had visited this temple throughout the years and had experiences like this too."But I wondered: did the others feel the eyes of the mask watching them? Did they see the head move? Were they as bothered as I was? Had they experienced a visitation at night like was soon to have? To be continued . . .


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